Android Logs Everything, as Steve Jobs Said

It was quite shocking for android users world wide, even for people who like to choose android as their next smartphone. Google Android by default has excellent features loaded, however when the software gets into carrier side, thats where the problem begins. Trevor Eckhart, 25 year old Android Developer discovered a piece of app installed on Android, Blackberry and Nokia mobile phones, named Career IQ that secretly logs every activity (text messages, phone calls, encrypted web searches, location services and so on) that users do with their smartphone.

When Apple iPhone was storing the cache of location data, steve jobs said that Android logs everything and apple doesn’t.

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Career IQ is a private organization which collects such user data for quality and performance monitoring purposes. Though it is done for any technical reasons and measurements, it is about the user privacy, where millions of android mobile users are kept under radar.

If you think that it is possible to remove that app, then sorry to say, that there is no way to remove that specific app easily. The only choice left is rooting your android phone. Yes, Root your android phone to get the operating system as a fresh that comes without any software pre installed. And that is not possible by many users.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have a non-rooted HTC Wildfire S which I bought in Singapore. It doesn’t seem to have this application. Perhaps, it’s only being used in newer more powerful devices.

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