Exfoliate an Android App to Clean Your Facebook Status Updates

Android users were the most delighted guys this season. Getting more number of pro version applications at free of cost. So this Christmas eve is shaping up good and bringing in prosperous for Android smartphone users. Adding a feather to their enthusiasm here comes a beautiful application specially meant for Android Smartphone users who use Facebook alot to stay in touch with their network of people. A simple way to delete the contents of your Facebook account with respect to the time period.

How to Delete Old Facebook Posts ?

facebook exfoliate

Exfoliate lets you delete old facebook status updates in few touch on your android mobile screen. Launch this app and it will guide you the rest to clean up your facebook profile and make it look so clean. Leaving your data on some public website, is 100% not safe and good privacy practice too. Hence, this app can help you to remove old facebook status updates easily.

Exfoliate Android App Download

Exfoliate for Facebook is the application which helps to remove the old records which you thing were been stored on Facebook and annoys you in terms of privacy. It is always an added advantage if you have an application in any of the social media to remove the old entries in form of status updates, pictures, videos, and some personal details. Exfoliate for Facebook helps you in bringing up a simple way to remove the forgotten content from Facebook.

About Facebook Privacy

It is practically impossible to delete the contents manually one by one from Facebook records. It will be the most weird thing for a long term user in Facebook and that to with hands is quite tedious. Exfoliate is the app specially designed for removing your own posts, comments on friends posts, likes, shares and uploads on Facebook with respect to time. This action is irreversible that is once you prepared to delete the content from Facebook and also done it you cannot recover those stuffs back.

Exfoliate Android App Features

  • Exfoliate is a simple to use application for Android users which is available on android market.
  • It is a light weight application which don’t affect your processing speed.
  • It takes pretty long time to remove the contents so you need to run the process background.
  • Exfoliate runs as background process and it never drains your battery mean time.
  • Works great in Wi-Fi connection.

How to Delete Facebook Status Updates ?

You need to set the preferences as age of the items, Posts on your wall / friends wall, comments / likes, photos / videos uploaded and shared items.

  • Login once again through Exfoliate App on your Android Mobile.
  • Now start the cleaning process using Exfoliate by selecting the “Age of items” that you like to remove from.

Even though the application is a pro version, after experiencing the features and handy usage of the app you might feel it worth of its cost. We believe this app suggestion will help you if you searched to delete all facebook status updates and landed here.Thanks for reading the post and we are glad if you share this post with your friends as it can help many facebook users with android mobile phones a lot.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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    1. It won’t work even if you have the .apk file. A window will pop up saying that the key license doesn’t match or something like that. It only costs $3. You do have 3 spare dollars right?

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