New Facebook Malware Tricks Users to Give Credit and Debit Cards

New facebook malware started to spread viral, tricks facebook users to enter their Credit and Debit card as an additional security measure to use facebook. Security firm Trusteer has discovered this new code, which brings a pop up window to collect the user credit card or debit card and social security number as well in order to let the user to access facebook. As the message window pop up right from the facebook page, it may appear very legitimate and more users likely to fall for this Facebook Phishing page attack.

facebook credit card

Trusteer have analyzed and found that this malware configuration uses the exact same version of Ice IX Malware. Where they have added the “Social Security Number” and “Date of Birth” with the existing value. Once the victim fill out all the details asked and submitted, then the data delivered to the attackers messenger.

Facebook Asks Credit Card ?

Facebook will never ask you for your Credit card in order to use it, if you see such pop up message asking for your details in order to access facebook, ignore such messages and verify the your antivirus or internet security software you have installed in your computer. When you play a game in Facebook, and like to buy more facebook credits, then you got to purchase it using the credit card. You can remove credit card from facebook after, as it is not safe to store your SSN or Banking details anywhere on the Internet.

Social Networking sites are so popular and an easy way to target people for many data. It is our responsibility to understand and use it, to avoid any problems that affects our real life.

Facebook Credit Card Scams

This is not the first time, that facebook users are targeted with this type of credit card scams. Even though facebook has improved its security system, the chances are more when the user clicks on some links online and it gets shared with their facebook wall and messages as an update. facebook security

Security problems are not just about the operating system we use, there are more chances that hackers use a web browser, apps or any software that you like to download and install from Internet. The best way to prevent security issue in maximum case is, understanding the platform that we use and to make sure the antivirus software is regularly updated.

Do spend some time in reading out the Facebook Security Tips that you must know if you use Facebook everyday and feel like it is the best way to stay in touch with your friends and family online.

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