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Pinterest, the recently launched project that lets you find interesting contents on the web and pin them on your pinboard, is one of the most visited social networking website, than Google+. This must really be the greatest christmas holidays ever for Pinterest Team. The chart displayed by “Experian Hitwise” for Desktop usage visitor hits to the top social networking websites shows that pinterest got 31,788,893 Total visits, where Google+ got 31,748,905 visits in total.

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You may read the article “What is Pinterest and How to use it ?” If you are reading about pinterest for the the first time. The interesting part with this news is, Pinterest is still in beta stage and we should have invites to start using it. It seems there is no limit set for total number of invitations, hence its easy for people to invite as many of their friends they want.

pinterest total visits

[Credits: Venturebeat]

Pinterest servers were down in previous week, and many have faced temporary downtime and slow site loading issues and now it makes sense that the servers were unable to balance the heavy load it received. The total number of visitors for pinterest has recorded 11 million upto December 17, 2011. Impressive Popularity and Result for this 1 year baby 🙂 .

Pinterest Invite

Dont wait anymore, request for an invite right away by dropping your mail id in the comment below.


Visit the official website and request for an invite.

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