Follow these Tips to Reduce Facebook Addiction

Facebook has become a bigger addiction to many people all around the world. It has around 1 billion active users in that more than 50 percent of people were using Facebook app on their mobile phones. Facebook becomes popular because of two important reasons. One is the clutter free environment and the other one is new features, that lets anyone to easily understand and start seeing, sharing, liking contents. Exploring and finding new friends in Facebook is also so easy. Facebook itself do have an effective friend finder system to let you search and find friends from your email contacts, other social networking website accounts and also based on your School, Colleges, Employee and other details that you fill in your Facebook Profile page.


The time when Facebook was introduced Orkut, My Space and Friendster are the biggest social networking sites. The interface of those sites was so crowded and the readability was very poor. So white and blue combination of site has become a great success. Also it has plenty of features and services like Facebook Pages, Ads, Groups, Sponsored Stories, etc. This helped many people to stay in touch with their friends and promote their business through Facebook. Apart from fun and entertainment, these services made Facebook as a biggest marketing spot.

Apart from these business promotions and services, many entertainment apps, games and pages were available on Facebook. That attracts users to be on Facebook for a long time. It doesn’t matter he or she is a student or an employee, using Facebook for a long time will kill their productivity. Many people feel this after a long time and they find very hard to get out of this Facebook addiction. So today I came with a few tips for those people who need to get out of Facebook addiction and increase their productivity. Let’s have a look at it.

How To Stop Facebook Addiction ?

Spend Some Time with Your Real Friends

Many people get addicted to Facebook to stay in touch with their Friends. Try to do that in the real world. Hangout with your friends and spend some time with them, which will help you to reduce using Facebook  to talk to them. Hangouts got two advantages, one is you can reduce using the Facebook other one is you will get some time out of the computer which will refresh your mind and improve your productivity.

Set Time Limit for Facebook Usage

Too much of anything is bad. Facebook is not an exception and you should have some time limit for Facebook in your every day usage. You shouldn’t spend all your time on Facebook and lose the passion in your work. Even this look good at beginning at certain point of time this will make you feel bad about yourself. So set the time limit for a day to use Facebook and try to stick to that timings. This will give  you a confidence that you can control your mind as well as you will notice the increase in productivity.

Think and Analyze Purpose of Usage

If your business is based on the Internet, then Facebook is a good platform to promote your business. But if it is an offline job and you are wasting so much time on Facebook, then it is not fair. So you should analyze for what purpose you are using Facebook. Whether to promote your business or just seeing the updates from your friends and chatting with them. This will help you to understand your purpose on Facebook and if it is too much about entertainment you should control it and concentrate on your work.

Block Facebook using Firewall Software

There are plenty of applications available on the Internet to block Facebook from your computer. Even some Antivirus applications like Bitdefender and Mackeeper have this function inbuilt. So you can use any of those applications to block Facebook from your computer. When you use these applications to make some changes on your computer it will ask you to enter the password. If you are really serious about it ask your friend or family member to enter the set the password to make changes on that application. This will surely helps to reduce your Facebook addiction.

If all these thing doesn’t work and Facebook still kills your productivity, then you should really Quit Facebook. Because if you can’t take control on your mind then you should move out of the place to find your best solution to quit facebook. So it will be better to quit Facebook and concentrate on your work. But before that you should try implementing these techniques to stay out of it. Do share your views about these techniques in the comment box. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Robin,

    Yes – Personally, If you are addicted to Facebook, Then setting up a block on
    your Firewall is one of the best ways to go. Not to mention that social media
    addiction is more a mental game than anything else, As there is very little
    physical addiction in the sense that your body can go without the “drug” but
    your mind cant.

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