Quora Boards Arrived, Reminds us Pinterest Boards

Quora, the famous Question and Answers website has introduced Quora Boards to let people collect links and save it for sharing it either with a private group or to people who follows you. Though it is an interesting feature for quora users, the question here is, whether Quora has added pinterest feature of creating boards and sharing the interesting links, pictures with their private community and group of people. The more answers you make, the more expertise you gain in specific category or domain. That adds more value to your Quora profile as well.

Pinterest helps you to pin the interests on your pinboard. This new service changes the way Quora was working and gives us a new experience totally. Pinterest can bring more traffic to your business if you know how to tap it right. You can read Pinterest for Business Online to get better idea about it.

The December month traffic statistics shows that Pinterest overtakes Google+, the social networking site by Google in terms of Top 10 Social network websites. If you are looking forward to know and learn about pinterest then continue reading “What is Pinterest ? and need an Invite” here.

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What Quora Boards is all About ?

It is not the people that you follow on Quora, its all about the Questions and Answers that people share and prove their expertise. So you will follow more and more questions every day while using it. Quora Boards can help you in many ways to organize your questions even in better way than before. Here we have a crispy reference to understand all about Quora Boards.

  • Quora Boards Can be public, have private content (others can find the board and see its name, but not see contents unless they are approved followers) or be secret boards (only approved followers can see the contents and the existence of the board)
  • Can have grid or list layouts
  • Can have topics and appear on topic pages
  • Can be open for all followers to post

via (http://www.quora.com/Charlie-Cheever)

Create Quora Boards and Start Discussing

Quora is invite only access for long time. For US, UK and some countries no invites required at all. So give a shot by signing up on quora.com using your Facebook or Twitter account.

quora boards

No doubt, that quora boards will make the questions you ask more engaging than before. Particularly, the group discussion can be more specific and easy to get more knowledge on what you have asked for. You may connect me once you got into Quora.

Thanks for reading and do share your views in the comment below. You may share this post further to let people know about this great knowledge sharing website.

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