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10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions

Are you using Google Chrome browser ? We have 10 cool google chrome extensions for you today. We handpicked some of the best chrome extensions to suggest you and make your web browsing more faster, productive and fun. Chrome is one of the most fastest browser among the existing ones. It uses the webkit layout engine and application framework, that makes the unique capacity over the loading of web pages. Also it uses V8, the mostΒ  powerful java script which is more useful in case of loading the complex web pages in a lightening speed.

Let we straight away get in to our discussion over the extensions towards our chrome browser.

If you are a twitter user, then you may find Chrowety Extension as a useful one with your google chrome browser. Also have a look at the 6 must have google chrome extensions.

1. Facebook for Google chrome

Still many of them are thinking that Facebook is the social network just like the Google is the Internet. The usage of Facebook has been rapidly increasing day by day. Here you have the extension for your chrome browser to read your news feeds and the wall. Also you can post your news feeds straight away from the browser to your wall and you can check your notifications as well as your inbox.


2. Cooliris

Are you interested in viewing the photos in a 3-D mode in your browser ? Here you have the cool extension to make your eyes to get surprised. Cooliris is one of the most exciting application which shows the photos you viewing on your browser in a 3-D mode. Also you can view the photos from your computer in a 3-D mode.


3. Google Mail checker

Gmail is one of the most used E-mail service among the Internet freaks. Most of the users need to get update with their mails often. For those peoples here is the extension to embed your Gmail account into your chrome browser and get updated. It shows the unread mails in your inbox and also provides the link to open your inbox.


4.Youtube Downloader

Youtube is one of the most visited video sharing site among the web. It stands at the top in its collection of videos. Many of us are most interested in downloading the videos which we like most but sometimes it will go tedious when using some applications to download it and got struck at the middle or even we cant download it. So Google has realized this and gives us the extension to download our favorite videos on the youtube.


5. IE Tab

How could you feel when you can embed the browser into an another browser?Β  Here chrome did it. Now you can surf through the Internet Explorer from your chrome browser by using this extension. This is more helpful among the sites which could be viewed better using IE without leaving your favorite chrome browser.


6. Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync

Xmarks is the #1 bookmarking extension for the browsers. It is available for the chrome to bookmark your favorite sites. It does not end up with the chrome browser it could be synchronized across the multiple browsers as well as multiple computers. It also manages the password which the user needs. In order to bookmark or remember your all you need to do is just a click over the Xmarks icon.


7. AdBlock

Thisis one of the most used extension of the Google chrome, because when users visiting the sites the pop-up ads on the sites are some what annoying while users browsing on the content they need. Also there may be a possibility of browser hijacking while clicking on the link of the ads. In preventing these kind of things AdBlock plays a vital role. It block the pop-up ads also the adwares on the sites the users surf through.


8. Chromed Bird

Twitter is one of the most famous micro-blogging site among the Internet. It is used to share the short messages among the community of people available on the user’s network. Chromed bird is an awesome twitter client extension for the chrome browser which helpful in getting updated with the timeliness of the user. It gives most of the options available on the twitter for the user to get updated.


9. Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is an extension used in getting insight of your web applications. It is used in finding and fixing the bugs among your web applications. This gives the usage of speed among your web applications by means of metrics. So that you could easily fix where the time is being spent on loading or processing your web applications. This will be more useful in case of monitoring your applications as well as fixing the problems on your web items.


10. Shareaholic for Google chrome

We always more interested in sharing the things we know that emerged the concept of social network. Here is the extension for the users who love sharing. With this extension the user can share their favorite website among the Internet in Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Google Buzz, Evernote, Delicious, Digg, Reader, Bookmarks and more.


Β Thanks for reading and if you find this post useful, dont forget to share it with your friends and followers across Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Have a wonderful day.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. These Chrome extensions look pretty cool. I have not used Chrome much since my favorite browser is Firefox… but I will use Chrome more often, thanks to these lovely extensions!

  2. Chrome Bird is definitely the best application for Twitter that is, by virtue of being embedded in the browser dispensing application.

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