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BackupSF Review is here to let you find one of the best automatic website backup software available today in the market. Anything can happen in today’s scenario when you run a website that focuses on getting more traffic and revenue generation. Its not just about the hackers who may delete all the data you have on your web hosting server. There are some technical chances that can wipe out all your data or makes the website data totally impossible to recover when there is a server crash and so on.


There are so many reasons if you ask me, why we need a software to backup a website ? Let me list few important reasons here.

  • Hosting Servers Crashed and No proper Backup in place.
  • Tech Support says No Recent backup available.
  • You forgot to take the recent backup and store it in your local hard drive.
  • Only a Corrupted Backup file is available in hosting backup server.
  • Hosting company not providing you Backup to move to different hosting and claims that you violated their TOS.
  • Site hacked and Deleted by malicious hackers and you need a backup quickly.

I have included few high possible reasons above and still there are so many other reasons there, where you will be in need of your website backup. Its your website and its always recommended to have a control over the site data and backup where you can access and get them when you wanted.

BackupSF brings a complete automated way of storing your website backup periodically as you mention, to a cloud storage that you specify. Anyone can signup for a Dropbox account, and upload their files to keep safely. You can now use an automated feature of storing your website backup to your Dropbox account and no need to worry about your website data. Just make sure your computer is secure and clean.

Because hackers target the administrator or user computers many times by infecting them with some custom built Trojan programs that results in continuous hacking of websites even though you change the website administrator and your email passwords hundred times. Try getting best antivirus software for your Windows or Mac OS X for better protection and keep the hackers away. We recommend Bitdefender Antivirus and Total Security products with upto 50% discount coupon code applied.

Backup Site Files, MySQL Databases via FTP

BackupSF is an all in one software to back up your website. MySQL database is backed up automatically with the help of scripts uploaded to your server. Automate everything to have a safe and secure backup in the desired location you wanted.

Restore Easily Anytime

Your backup file will be saved regularly and when you need to restore the backup copy, it wont take much process. You can upload the files back to the server via FTP using any FTP Clients (ex: filezilla) and restore the database to PHPMyAdmin directly with step by step instructions. BackupSF Tech support team is always there, round the clock for you to assist and make your site running back alive without any issues.

Simple User Interface

The one thing i liked about the software is, the easy to use design and user interface with appropriate descriptions. You will never feel lost or need any tech support if you are into website development for some years. The software is an ultimate thing to easily create, save and restore the backup whenever you needed.


Backup to Local Drive or Free Cloud Storage

You can configure your Dropbox, Sugarsync or other cloud storage services to sync the backup copy and have a safe and secure version of your latest backup file in a cloud storage. This again keeps your website and its backup completely in your control. As soon as BackupSF creates and downloaded its latest backup of your website, it automatically uploaded to the cloud storage account you specify and configure. This makes your backup file totally immortal.

Their tutorials are totally easy to follow and you can have a look at one of them in the link above.

Dont Rely on Web Hosting Backup

First, they dont do it frequently which makes you loose any recent data added to your database. When the website you run is dynamic there comes the real trouble. It is must to have a Realtime or very frequent backup solution to make sure you dont loose any recent data or customer details added to your website. If you run a shopping website then imagine how much trouble it could cause if you have a backup file that is older than 2 days or a week ?.

Backups made by your web hosting provider control panel have a rule that makes it to store it in the same computer where your website is located. In case of server crash or hard drive crash, then your backup copies are affected very much along with your website. It is not 100% possible to recover the backup files all the time. This is so usual with cheap webhosting companies that many people search and host their website on. Except cloud web hosting, this can cause severe data loss.

Well i believe this backupsf review can help you decide and move to one of the best automated website backup software which can be easily installed and run from your Windows PC Computer.

Download BackupSF

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