3 Best Facebook Timeline Apps

Today in this world, technology has minimized all distances between people. Through internet everyone is connected 24/7. The biggest sources of connection between people are the social networking sites. They have changed the dynamics of communication. All it requires is to sign up on the desired website giving some information about oneself. Facebook is a social network that started in the year 2004. It has more than 800 million active users, including famous celebrities. You may like to read 20 active facebook celebrities pages you will like. To keep in touch, the trend of asking for a Facebook account instead of a cell phone number is not that uncommon among people these days.

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The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that he made this network to make the world a public place. It helps people to connect and also to make new friends, upload pictures, send messages, share different videos, apps and lots more. If you are new to facebook and like to know, how to manage facebook timeline, do read the article to get better idea about the new facebook timeline.

Making a Facebook Account

Getting an account is very easy. All you need is a computer with internet. Open the Facebook website and click on sign up. It will ask for some basic information about the person who wants to start using Facebook. After giving all the information an email will be sent to the email address provided by the user. Clicking on the link provided in the email will activate the Facebook account.

Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook has recently launched a new feature for the users, the Facebook timeline. This feature provides the history of the Facebook users in a very comprehensive manner. When you choose to use the timeline, Facebook gives a 7 day time period during which the users can delete or put privacy on the pictures or videos that he/she does not want anyone to see, and also to display their profile in a preferred manner.

Best Timeline Apps

Facebook timeline comes with different applications for the users. These applications have been the most amusing features for people using the timeline. Three of the best facebook timeline apps are given below


Spotify is a very cool application on the timeline. It helps your friends to see your playlist. They can also listen to the songs you are listening to at the same time and keep track of it. This application came out right after the launch date of timeline and has been very successful among people.


Hulu is a great application for those who want to share the Movies and TV shows they watch with their friends. Everything you watch online, Hulu helps you share it with your friend list on Facebook.

“Where I’ve been”

The “where I’ve been” app on Facebook has been one of the most used application. This application gives the location of the place where the individual has been lately. People can also share their location with their friends via this application.

There are lots of other Facebook timeline apps that have been used frequently among people. The timeline has definitely been a step ahead for Facebook, and keeping the track of the user’s Facebook history has been a great attraction. People find this very interesting and are shifting to the timeline with full anticipation.

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