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  1. Call me crazy, but the first thing I’m gonna do with my @facebook.com address, is to forward it to my Gmail account 🙂 Oh wait, this is not e-mail, so I probably can’t even do that… bugger!

  2. This certainly looks exciting but I will still stick with Gmail for the time being. I think it will take a while for Facebook unless their new features are excellent.

  3. This is cool. I’ve always been a fan of Facebook, I think that this new feature will be used often! I like the fact that you can allow and block emails from people of your choice, and also that the spam is automatically hidden!

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Goutham. I think I want to wait a bit until I can see what it’s like firsthand, but it’s good to know this info so I can come back if I change my mind 🙂

  5. it appears everyone i know has all of these new features but me, and the thing that bugs me the most is i introduced most of them to facebook in the first place.. for something that has been rolled out months ago why the long wait.. 

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