Facebook Turning into a SpamBook, Things You Should Know to Stay Secure

When the platform becomes popular, there comes more attacks against it world wide. Similar to Microsoft Windows, Facebook is now the target for hacker groups who feels the facebook addiction is absolutely dangerous and that is positively used by FB to generate more and more revenue every single minute. Not just that, the another important reason is that Facebook is selling information of customers to Governments and Advertising Agencies. It is a public platform, hence its absolutely every single users responsibility to learn what is it and how it works before making it as part of our life.

That understanding also helps us to limit the data we record and the apps we use on any website. But how come it is possible to teach 750 million+ users about privacy settings, do’s and dont’s ? Totally impossible and the attack strategy by hackers world wide turned into screwing up facebook experience. Thats simple and easy to do ofcourse. Sending an hate image about one religion will get likes and shares from people who find it funny or have same mind set.

It makes the entire community go crazy against the other and this can also lead to physical attacks and threats to other religious communities. Their mission gets accomplished when they see people fighting each other through comments initially and letting the image shared further and further without any limit.

Facebook can control the spam images, status updates and links to certain level. Though the team is continuously working hard to kill the spams in facebook, it is our responsibility to keep our Facebook Wall, Timeline, Albums and Friends list clean. Let me guide you few points that can help you very much to keep your social networking journey safe and secure.

Though its Twitter, Google+ or whatever the site is, make sure you have complete control over your profile and features that you use.

How Facebook Spam Works ?

Facebook Apps – are easy way for hackers and it is primary medium to make the spam spread easily to thousands of accounts in a minute. It is about more than 700 million user crowd. So people who have tight privacy settings configured and capable of identifying the spam messages are the survivors to keep the facebook experience always great.

Illegal (Adult) Status Updates with Links – You may love status updates that says “OMG Look, some one is Nak** “, “Selena Gomez is Pregnant, Look what he has done to her” and so on. Dont worry about it ! Your generosity to buy them some clothes wont help here. When you are shocked or surprised, then the failure falls on your side and success falls on the hacker who sent the spam message, where he will see increase in number of profiles infected. So avoid clicking on such links though some one is Nake*.

You Tagged by Your Friend – Recent days there are plenty of Spam messages that took Tagging feature of facebook as primary way to spread faster. This happens mainly for windows users where there is a symptom of Browser Hijacked or System getting infected by some malicious program that automatically tags the friends in your list. This gives no option than clicking on unfriend to stop letting the spam spread further to your friend profile. So people who feel so annoyed about continuous spam messages posted tagging your friends every 30 seconds once will simply unfriend you.

How to Avoid Facebook Spam ?

We have previously suggested few tips that suites the current timeline as well. Give a read to understand the best security practices that you should do which leaves you no other option than disabling few facebook features to prevent facebook spam. Atleast we should do that till facebook come up with some solution to solve this misery.

How to Secure Facebook Account ?

Here is an official video tips by Facebook to make sure your account is not compromised because of keyloggers or other virus threats when you use it in public computers. A good set of tips that you should remember to prevent loosing your facebook account.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ9160NOKIw[/youtube]

Tips from Facebook Safety Team

This video looks pretty convincing to start using facebook, but the question is, whether facebook is taking all the reports submitted seriously or not ?

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM5F4vwC0fw[/youtube]

Finally, make sure you have disabled your facebook wall posting by your friends and try to open it only on important occasions for public or friends to write on your wall (may be for birthdays etc.,) . Also, the tagging approval before publishing it on timeline is very much necessary to keep your fb timeline clean and perfect and prevent more of your friends being infected.

Thanks for reading and please do share your views and some more tips that comes on your mind right now as a comment below. And dont forget to share this post as many new facebook users will find it helpful.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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