Pinterest Scam Goes Viral, Avoid Pinning Such Pictures

New Pinterest Scam message spreading viral across Pinterest website as many started to Pin It and it is must for you to know to prevent before helping it to spread across your followers. Pinterest, one of the famous and hot start up liked by millions of users got some new scam messages as it appears like hackers started targeting it. If you are new to Pinterest and like to know what it is, then do read about it and you may request for a pinterest invite now. This image sharing website become popular in short time and overtook the traffic of Google Plus couple of months ago.

Pinterest can help you to get your business online, and get more visibility. Join with one of the successful social media platform and get popular.

pinterest scam

Every day millions of PIN IT pressed by pinterest users and its time for pinterest team to respond quickly to solve this pinterest spam and pinterest scam related issues with effective report system.

pinterest scam

How to Report Pinterest Spam ?

Pinterest do have Report system built in, hence do click on “Report Pin” from the right side of the Pin Image you have found as a Spam or Scam. In that way you can report and let the pinterest team know about the scam very well quickly.

pinterest spam

It is very much expected and casual to see such spam messages when the social site or an application becoming so trending and famous. It is highly important for the readers and site users to understand that no body gives free iphone or free mobile recharge simply by clicking on a button in some website.

pinterest spam

Thanks for reading and do share this post to tell your friends also about this pinterest scam going viral, and alert them.

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