5 Best Productivity Apps For Windows Mobile Phone

Next to Android mobiles, Windows Phones are the choice for many people. Windows Phones got a good quality and features at affordable cost. You can download apps for Windows Phones in “MarketPlace” like the App Store for iPhone. The Market Place will be categorized into Apps and Games. Also it has sub categories to narrow down your search. Here my list of apps that boosts your productivity.


Smartphones can really make you smart when you choose and install correct apps to serve your every day technology related tasks. Email, Chats, News and Word Processing replaces the computer many times and serves your needs. Smartphones with Quad Core processors are showing the ability to run even a desktop operating system in mobile phones.

Do more with your smartphone and unveil the full potential of it with some suggested productivity apps.


Evernote is one of my favorite application. Evernote helps you to make a note of the things you don’t want to miss. It is like a hybrid notepad. It doesn’t end with the text. You can include images, audio note and documents into a single note. It works with cloud storage. It bridges the gap between your computer and mobile phone. You can open the saved note from both your computer and mobile phone. This helps you keep in touch with your work or personal files wherever you go.


PC Remote

PC Remote is one of the best apps for people who work under windows platform. Change your Windows phone into a remote for your PC. After you install this app into your Windows mobile you can use your phone as mouse and keyboard for your computer. You can do all the actions on your PC remotely. Wherever you are, you can view your PC screen on mobile using this application. You can make YouTube videos to play on PC which is streaming on your mobile phone. It is very helpful during the PowerPoint presentations. You can easily change slides from your phone. It is a very useful and must have app for your windows mobile.


Sky Drive

Sky drive is one of the must have app for your Windows Mobile. It gives a storage space in online to store your important files safely. Comparing to rest of the online storage service sky drive offers the highest storage memory of 25GB. You can upload any type of file into Sky drive and download it anywhere. Also you can carry this 25GB of data anywhere in the world without any effort. You can easily manage and share these files with your friends with a link through email.



Skype is one of the well known application for video calls and voice calls. You can make calls (both video and audio) to anyone on Skype for free. Also you make calls to mobile using Skype credit. It has a built-in instant messenger and you can send message to any mobile in the world using Skype credits. Now Skype has included lots of features for video calls and voice calls. Like group chat in instant messengers you can have voice chat or video chat with a group of people.

So this will be very helpful in official and unofficial meetings with your friends and colleagues.


Handy Scan

Handy Scan is a paid app for windows phone. Instead of buying a new scanner, you can use your Windows Phone camera as a scanner to scan the documents or photos. It is like carrying your scanner wherever you go. Using Handy Scan you can take a photo of a document, edit it and send it through email right away. Another important feature of Handy Scan is you can store scanned documents in your personal cloud storage (skydrive or dropbox) and open it from your desktop anywhere in the world. You can electronically sign the document using this app. It is a best way to carry your important documents and photos.


Thanks for reading and you may mention some apps in the comment below, if you feel i have missed to include in my list. You may also share this post with your friends and followers to let them give this a try as well.

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